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Order Code: 23-00223
Colour: Yellow


  • Tough Industrial Marker for high temperature. SLIM barrel.
  • A small type of solid marker; suitable for $ne marks.
  • Paint in solidi$ed stick form.
  • Handy with no need of solvent or brush.
  • No messy dripping of paint even when applying with an extended upright hand with face upward.
  • Removable with normal spirits or thinner. with an h face upward.
  • Ideal for tough industrial marking on iron, steel, concrete, wood, rubber, paper, leather, glass, vinyl and so on.
  • Working temperature range (-10°C - 200°C)
  • Ink type: Pigment alcohol ink.


  • Line Width: 10.0mm
  • Product Size: 138mm
  • Packing: 12PCS / 432PCS

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