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Product functions and features Characteristic:

  • The machine is inclined for 3º and automatically levelled;
  • Alarm function beyond the safe range;
  • Magnetic damping compensation system ensures fast levelling time;
  • The line can be divided into three gears: horizontal, vertical and cross.
  • The vertical line can extend over the zenith;
  • The laser point to the ground can be used for machine positioning (line 2 machine does not include the point to the ground);
  • 360degreerotatablebase,equippedwithfineadjustment structure, can make the machine quickly find the target;
  • The working height of the machine can be adjusted arbitrarily with the tripod (with optional accessories);


  • The horizontal line can be drawn on the wall;
  • The vertical line can be drawn on the wall, and the cross line can be drawn to the ceiling;
  • The laser point to the ground is precisely located by the machine;

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