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LifeSafe Metal Stopper are excellent in Molten Metal Splash Protection due to the Lotus Effect. The unique comfort property due to blending with Lenzing FR and Wool. Lenzing FR fabric blends are inherently FR, but breathable like regular cotton. Lenzing FR is made from beech wood, in a fully managed green production system. They have excellent metal shedding properties, particulary on difficult metals like Aluminium and Cryolite or Bath. These fabrics are multifunctional and can be worn in all areas of a Primary Smelter and they also provide Secondary protection against electric arc. These fabrics will eliminate castrophic fires

Grams : 320 gsm
Fabric Weave : Twill
Fabric Blend : Lenzing FR and Wool
Tensile Strength (wrap x weft) ISO 13934-1 : 560 x 660N
Tear Strength (wrap x weft) ISO 13937-2 : 28 x 30N
Heat Resistance ISO 17493 at 1800 C : Pass
Flame Spread ISO 9151 : 0/0
Convective Head ISO 6942 : 81
Radiant Heat ISO 6942 : C1
Molten Metal Splash ISO 9185 : Aluminium: D3  / Iron:E3
Contact Heat ISO 12127 : F1

**Customized Design Available

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